Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome to Irreal

This is a blog primarily about Scheme and Lisp and their world of

infinite fun. As part of exploring that world, I'll also consider
related subjects such as Emacs, Slime, Org-Mode and, really, anything
else that excites my geek sensibilities.

The idea for Irreal came about when I stumbled upon a series of
posts on Eli Benersky's Website in which he presented his solutions to
the problems in Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
(SICP). I have long considered SICP to be one of the best books on
the art and craft of computer programming ever written. Because it
had been some time since I'd read SICP and I'd never worked through
all the problems, I decided that I would reread the book and write up
solutions to the problems in a form suitable for a solution manual—I
was aiming at the level of detail in the solutions to the exercises in
Knuth's Art of Computer Programming. One of the main purposes of
this blog, at least initially, is to record observations about the
exercises, their solutions, and any other technical issue that comes
up along the way.

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