Monday, November 16, 2009

Help! Help! My brain is being rewired

I usually ignore twaddle such as this, but really, enough is enough. The new Luddites are at it again wailing about how spell checkers and contact lists are destroying our ability to remember and process details. I'm old enough to remember the exact same arguments being used against calculators: “Oh my gosh, pretty soon people won't be able to add two numbers.”

And you know what else? Some college students actually text each other during lectures. One wonders why their minds are wandering. There's even a line about “BART riders reaching furtively into their pockets thinking their iPhone has vibrated—even if it hasn't.” The horror, the horror!

The article goes on and on like this and so could I, but why bother? We've heard it all before and in a few years no one will remember or care about these doomsday predictions. Go read the article if you must, but it will probably be a better use of your time to check out your favorite Twitter feed.

UPDATE: Sadly, this sort of nonsense is nothing new.

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